Borrow cash online... INSTANTLY!

We are not a company like Fincorp or Moniplus that give out fortnight deduction loans. We give Dinau moni for repayment at or before fortnight time.

We are here to bridge the gap between Finance Institutions and Payday Lenders. We bring you new ways of borrowing money. Unlike payday loans, you control the interest you pay and unlike Financial Institutions, you borrow with as minimum effort as a text message.

Interest rate as low as 2.75% per day

Start borrowing in 4 easy steps!

1. Quick Registration

Register on our website with your active email address and phone number. You will be required to confirm by checking your email.

2. Update Information

Update your profile with all required information. You will be required to upload 1x recent payslip with ID and bank statement

3. Apply Online

Applying is superfast by selecting only amount and days. Nothing else! Our software will do the magic with automated emails.

4. Receive Funds

If your loan is approved. Funds will be wired to you by SMS or Online Transfer or Cash if required. Funding is strictly to bank account in profile.